Transforming the vision of retail with AI: Visenze

Case Solution

Seema Chokshi, Lipika Bhattacharya
Singapore Management University ()

In April 2020, in the context of the Covid 19 pandemic, the case will focus on visual search opportunities in the online retail market segment and beyond. Visense is an easaservice (SaaS) visual search software solution provider with a Payasyouuse API-based market solution focused on the retail segment. Visenze saw usage of its solutions increase by around 30% between January and April 2020. Growth in usage had expanded across all item categories, with footwear, apparel and jewelry being the top winners. The supposed lesson of this trend was that with more time to browse at home, consumers were more exposed to visual inspiration and objects of desire during the pandemic. That bias had led them to increasingly explore ecommerce websites and pave a direct path to progressive sales conversions. Additionally, consumers looking for a seamless e-commerce experience are demanding shorter purchase paths. While Gen Y and Gen Z were the main users of e-commerce and visual search, older generations (Gen X and Baby Boomers) had also started to increasingly use online shopping channels. Visual search was firmly in the sweet spot with the promise of shortening the image-to-purchase process in seconds. In this market environment, Oliver Tan, co-founder of Visenze, wondered if his company needed a new market strategy to take advantage of the latest opportunities. Should Visenze continue to focus on the retail segment? Should it attract older consumers from the retail segment? Is it necessary to improve technology to attract the new consumer segment?

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