TixToGo: Financing a Silicon Valley Start-Up

Case Solution

Walter Kuemmerle, William J. Coughlin
Harvard Business School ()

Describes TixToGo, a Silicon Valley startup that provides online solutions to individuals and organizations who want to conduct activities and / or charge registration fees for events over the Internet. A serial entrepreneur and his partner founded the company in 1997 in San Francisco. While the business model looks quite attractive, TixToGo has struggled to gain momentum. Therefore, the founders have decided to hire Lu Cordova, a manager and entrepreneur with considerable startup experience, as CEO. Your first business day is May 18, 1999. TixToGo is also her first job as CEO of a company she didn’t create. The company has $ 12,000 in the bank. The monthly burn rate is $ 30,000. Lu must act quickly.

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