Titan Products, Inc.: Acquisition of Franz Schuler GMBH (A)

Case Solution

Dan Watson, William G. Bowen
Darden School of Business ()

This case is designed to allow two integration teams, each representing one of two very different companies, to create a joint integration plan after the acquisition: Titan Products, Inc., a large North American multinational listed on bag (approximately $ 3 billion in sales); and Franz Schuler GMBH, a smaller European family business (approximately US $ 500 million in annual sales). Topics in this role-play case include (1) organizing students, (2) occupying managerial positions, (3) joint sales channels, (4) resolving cultural conflicts, (5) focusing strategic and operational decisions, and (6) Key performance indicators to assess the success of the acquisition. The role play requires approximately 60 minutes of team preparation, 30 minutes of negotiation, and a normal class (85 minutes) for debriefing. The instructions and tasks for the case are independent.

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