Tin Mining, Inc.

Case Solution

Jose Camilo Davila, Roberto Gutierrez
CLADEA-BALAS Case Consortium ()

Tin Mining, Inc. was a company based in a developing country called Bolivia that was primarily engaged in the extraction and production of tin. In the first thirty-three years of his activity (19712004) he developed three organizational skills (technical, productive and confidence-building). The case illustrates three typical characteristics of skills: effective solving of complex problems, regular and successful practice, and reliability and development over time. In addition, it also illustrates the paradox of organizational skills that emerged in the 2004-2008 period and three of its causes: path dependence (lock-in), structural inertia, and the lack of a capacity dynamization function. In 2009, Tin Mining, Inc. was faced with the need to reshape its organizational capabilities, and the arrival of a new president for the company was an opportune time to consider that option.

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