The War for Management Talent in China: Shanghai Tyre & Rubber Co. Ltd

Case Solution

William A. Fischer, Rebecca Chung
IMD ()

This case is part of a series of educational materials using China as an example of the managerial impact of the so-called war for talent, designed to provide information on “how to better play the talent game” in China or elsewhere. Our goal is to generate a rich and interactive class discussion on the questions posed by seasoned business professionals using a variety of engaging teaching formats: a kickoff note, four cases, an “assessment exercise”, and a video. Specifically, in this case, it is a state-controlled publicly traded company that is a horizontally diversified national champion operating in business categories such as tires, batteries, soap, inks, and real estate, with export sales representing the 45% of your total sales. . The company aims to increase its international presence and, in particular, to turn its tire activities into “global factories”, while the national brand “Double Coin” expands to a global brand. The CEO of the company, Dr. Fan Xian, needs experienced managers for his activities at home and abroad, especially in the areas of general administration, finance, as well as marketing and sales. For him, loyalty is the most important criterion when evaluating candidates. His challenge is to find loyal and competent leaders and match them with the right positions in China and abroad. Learning Objectives: Among the critical talent management topics addressed in this curriculum packet, the following are the most important to student learning: Since candidate screening is the first and most critical step in the talent management what? Qualities a manager needs to pay attention to in order to meet competency requirements today and prepare for the future? What would be some creative and viable practices to find, attract, develop and retain managerial talent?

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