The Talking Hands: Cost and Expansion Conundrum

Case Solution

Sandeep Puri, Nandita Sapra, Shwetambari Kathale, Jhalak Sahay
Ivey Publishing ()

The owner and founder of The Talking Hands, a socially responsible restaurant, in Nagpur, India, had launched his company to create job opportunities for persons with disabilities. He wanted to find a balance between customer experience and customer service, but he also wanted to open two new outlets in his city and seriously consider his friend’s proposal of opening franchisee outlets of The Talking Hands in two Indian citesMumbai and Pune. He wanted to consolidate and expand his business without denting the restaurant’s brand identity. Also, as demand for the restaurant grew, the increasing delays in order taking and delivery needed to be managed. Could he hire some nondisabled staff members to manage rush orders and deliveries and still keep operating expenses under control? Should you continue your expansion plans with the franchise model right now? He had a decision to make while his restaurant was being renovated.

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