The Story Behind ‘My INSEAD Story’ – Part 1

Case Solution

Manuel Sosa, Ankur Grover

The case tells the story behind “My INSEAD Story,” a unique children’s book based on their parents’ INSEAD MBA experience. Sian Bentson and Ankur Grover came up with the idea as part of their thesis in the course “SPSD: Creative Thinking.” It later became a commercial product and eventually a company, StoryPie (, which creates storybooks based on the personal experiences of parents. Ankur Grover shares the ride behind the scenes and describes the roller coaster ride from concept development to product launch. The case explains how innovation projects are carried out (also for simple products), from collecting user information to brainstorming, prototyping and testing, and the sources of uncertainty with which you have to deal with a project manager during the innovation journey. There are two versions of the case. Part 1 describes the product concept as part of a 10-day course. The full version covers the journey for the two months that followed the course to make it a commercial product.

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