The Price of Dignity – Labor Rights in Peru

Case Solution

Alonso Villaran, Matthew Bird
CLADEA-BALAS Case Consortium ()

On February 23, 2012, a special commission created by the Peruvian Ministry of Labor presented a technical report to consolidate the country’s national labor regulations into a single law, as has been the case in other Latin American countries. The commission became known as the National Council for the Promotion of Work and Employment (CNTPE) and was in charge of drafting the new law. The aim of the report was to engage business associations, unions, non-profit organizations with a focus on labor issues and government officials to revive an initiative that had started a decade earlier but had lost momentum. However, instead of bringing the parties together, the wording of the new law eventually widened the gap between the actors. How should that consensus be built? Should workers’ rights be increased or decreased? What role should each of the main stakeholders play?

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