The Montreal Stars

Case Solution

Christopher A. Ross, Dave A McKenzie
Ivey Publishing ()

In September 2012, the general manager of the Montreal Stars, a women’s hockey team, faced several challenges. The team is one of six in the Canadian Women’s Hockey League, a non-profit organization that aims to become the professional women’s hockey league in North America. However, the average number of visitors per game was low. The first topic is how to increase team awareness and fan base in Montreal. Second, the league allows a team to keep only $ 25,000 of the funds raised; Any amount in excess of this limit should be sent to the league in support of these and other teams that are less successful in fundraising. With this in mind, it is difficult to raise funds from donors and maintain donor support for the local team. After all, not only the players are volunteers, but also the administrative staff, including the coach. How can the league be persuaded to ease fundraising restrictions so the team can develop the organizational capacity to pay its players and staff? In short, the CEO is faced with internal and external marketing problems.

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