The Mentorship of John Cooper (B)

Case Solution

Nick Kuzyk, Lyn Purdy
Ivey Publishing ()

John Cooper spent the past five years at Standard Holdings, an early-stage business development and private equity division of the Standard Group of Companies (Standard). Cooper had benefited greatly from the rich mentorship that Standard founder Alan Kirkpatrick had provided. Cooper was confident that he would reach his full potential and then decided to leave Standard to start his own consulting firm. Before informing Kirkpatrick of his decision to leave the Standard, Cooper was concerned about the reaction he would get. Although he was saddened by the loss of Standard of Cooper’s skills and talents, Kirkpatrick was very supportive of the decision to leave and agreed to become Cooper’s first client. Throughout the growth of his new company, Cooper reflected on the impact Kirkpatrick had on his own decision-making. Eventually he realized the significant positive value Kirkpatrick’s mentoring had given him when he returned to school for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and his classmates sought his advice and praised him for his professionalism. and insight from him.

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