The Joslin Diabetes Center

Case Solution

Michael E. Porter, Elizabeth Olmsted Teisberg, Scott Wallace
Harvard Business School ()

The Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, Massachusetts is a premier center for diabetes care, clinical education, and research. The incidence of diabetes is rising dramatically around the world, challenging quality of life and its complications, and rapidly accelerating spending on health care for employers and governments. Joslin’s multidisciplinary team nursing and patient education programs offer opportunities to examine integrated practice units, early and preventive care, and clinical coordination throughout the entire nursing cycle. The focus on diabetes also allows for discussion about what services should be included in integrated practice units for patients with complex chronic diseases. Yet despite its reputation, Joslin’s clinical operations are losing money, creating the challenge of balancing financial success and clinical success in healthcare. The case can be used to teach health care strategy, value creation, results measurement, reimbursement, and strategic alliances.

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