The Growth Dilemma at Grameen Koota

Case Solution

Kumar Rakesh Ranjan, G. Shainesh
Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore ()

Grameen Koota had avoided any direct effects of the crisis on the microfinance industry due to the new legislation of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh in 2010. In evaluating the performance of his organization over the past two years, the Managing Director of Grameen Koota, Suresh Krishna was concerned about the impending failure of 2010 growth. The turbulent situation in the industry was accompanied by an uncertain regulatory environment. In exploring growth options, Krishna wanted to consider expanding operations to new districts and new states, or consolidating and growing in existing operating regions. Business concentration in an uncertain regulatory environment carried too much risk in too few countries, while expansion into emerging regions could potentially undermine low margins. It was a difficult decision, so Krishna wanted to make sure that he made the decision for him after carefully weighing the opportunities, costs, and risks involved in expanding the scope of sales.

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