The Global Oil and Gas Industry

Case Solution

Andrew C. Inkpen
Thunderbird School of Global Management ()

The oil and gas industry is one of the world’s largest, most complex and important industries. The industry touches everyone’s life with products such as transportation, fuels for heating and electricity, asphalt, lubricants, propane, and thousands of petrochemicals, from carpets to glasses to clothing. Industry influences national security, elections, geopolitics, and international conflicts. Crude oil and natural gas prices are probably the two most closely watched commodity prices in the world economy. In recent years, the industry has witnessed many tumultuous events, such as the growth of oil and gas production in the United States; Sanctions against Russia and improvement of international relations with Iran; continuous technological advances in unconventional oil and gas; the ongoing unrest in Iraq, Libya, and several other oil-exporting nations; ongoing heated discussion on climate change and non-hydrocarbon energy sources; and the current uncertainty in crude oil and gas prices. All of this comes amid predictions that global energy demand will increase by 3,040% by 2040.

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