The Entrepreneurial Method: How Expert Entrepreneurs Create New Markets

Case Solution

Saras Sarasvathy, Nick Dew
Darden School of Business ()

This note reflects a new focus on “performance,” the logic behind business experience, consisting of implicit and learnable and teachable aspects of experience associated with high performance in specific areas. Rather than taking characteristics or circumstances as input and trying to explain differences in performance, the lens of experience is focused on understanding the commonalities among a multitude of highly performing experts in a single area. Effectiveness is important not only because seasoned entrepreneurs prefer effective over causal logic, but also because of the details it provides for a comprehensive alternative framework for tackling business problems. The framework that entrepreneurs use affects the way they formulate problems; what alternatives they perceive and generate; what restrictions they accept, reject and / or manipulate and how; and why they consider certain criteria when creating and implementing new solutions. Logical framing is important because it makes a real difference in the world and makes a big difference in the reality that entrepreneurs perceive and make possible or impossible.

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