The Ellen MacArthur Foundation: Accelerating a Circular Economy for Plastic Packaging

Case Solution

Andrew Hoffman
WDI Publishing at the University of Michigan ()

Plastic has become indispensable to everyday world life, but it also causes extreme environmental damage. Many leading companies in the plastics industry are beginning to question its sustainability. This case provides insight into the future of the plastic packaging industry. Students will follow Sander Defruyt of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation (EMF) and his New Plastics Economy initiative, which aims to engage industry leaders such as Amcor, Danone, SC Johnson, CocaCola and L’Orealto, to signal a common goal. , a Create a circular economy and reduce unsustainable plastic packaging. The case shows that a circular economy is not possible in the current system and that industry players must rethink the entire plastics market to implement sustainable changes.

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