The Charles Schwab Corporation in 2007: Fixing and Redefining the Core Business

Case Solution

Robert A. Burgelman, Philip Meza
Stanford Graduate School of Business ()

This case describes the difficult times that Charles Schwab experienced the company after the dot-com bankruptcy in the early 2000s. It also describes how Charles Schwab took over as CEO again in July 2004 and the strategic steps they took. It took to troubleshoot and realign the company he founded more than 30 years ago. The case shows how he was able to leverage the company’s considerable residual strengths, including the time-honored culture that emphasized doing the right thing for the customer. Two years after Schwab’s return as CEO, the company performed well. Following the crisis of recent years, the case focuses on the challenges the company will face in the future as it pursues its strategy of providing good, consistent and conflict-free investment advice to an increasing number of smaller investors. .

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