The Challenges of International Entrepreneurship at

Case Solution

Christopher Williams, Judith vanHerwaarden
Ivey Publishing ()

In April 2011, the management team of Expatica Communications B.V. the company’s progress and future growth opportunities. The management team had to take stock: the external environment was changing rapidly and the threats posed by competitors were increasing. Expatica was founded 11 years earlier to provide information and news in English to the expat community in Europe, and its services are primarily delivered via the Internet. One of the key issues Expatica faced was how to effectively shape its core business model across multiple markets. Recent market launches of the online platform in new countries were not as successful as expected and the performance of traditional “brick and mortar” offerings was mixed. The company has made great strides over the years, but has had to reassess its position and decide what new growth opportunities, if any, to pursue.

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