The Black Rhino

Case Solution

R. Edward Freeman, Jared Harris, Jenny Mead, Sierra Cook, Trisha Bailey
Darden School of Business ()

John Hume, a veteran wildlife breeder and founder of the Mauricedale Game Ranch in South Africa, was deeply concerned about the record increase in black rhinos and horn thefts on the black market in 2010 and 2011. While critically endangered black rhinos from Extinction is just one segment of Mauricedale’s hunting and farming operations In 2011, the survival of the animals was an important part of the future growth potential of the ranch and the industry. John Hume, a businessman and rhino advocate, reflected on an innovative idea that could help stem the decline of the black rhino: create a market for the legalized hunting of black rhinos. As he pondered the possibilities and alternatives for determining what his next step should be, Hume asked himself several questions: Was the legalization of the international sale and trade of rhino horn a viable solution? Was it Hume’s responsibility to save the black rhino and was the animal a good investment?

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