Technology Plus, Inc. – Moving Onward

Case Solution

Susan V. White, Karen Hallows
North American Case Research Association (NACRA) ()

Technology Plus was a Virginia-based IT company serving information technology systems for businesses and governments. The company had grown through acquisitions and expanded its capabilities in technology solutions, areas of expertise, supplier relationships, and customer bases. In early 2010, the company was at a crossroads as to how far and how quickly it should expand, how past acquisitions should be integrated into ongoing operations, and how financing could be secured for sustained high growth, either organically (funded through ongoing earnings). or through additional acquisitions. Decisions about the future of the company were complicated because the three owners did not agree. CEO Ethan Brennan wanted to grow the company, but was hampered by the inability of his partners to agree on future funding. Founder Gary Hesse did not want to jeopardize his personal wealth anymore and vetoed risky extensions that might require additional collateral. Ethan found his position frustrating enough to consider going bankrupt, selling his part of the company, or selling the entire company.

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