Team Collapse at Richard, Wood and Hulme LLP

Case Solution

Gerard Seijts, Leah Noble
Ivey Publishing ()

A senior associate at Richard, Wood and Hulme LLP (RWH) was surprised at the speed with which the audit team of one of the firm’s key clients was falling apart. Two members had just been fired, presumably for failing their auditor exams; Team morale was no longer there; there were difficulties in the execution of the order due to a lack of preparation on the part of both RWH and the client; a question was asked about people’s commitment; And because the audit was delayed, the senior associate found that the company’s partners lacked strong leadership. The senior associate did not understand why the team was so unfocused from the start of the engagement, as the engagements from previous years were quite successful. He wasn’t sure how to do it. What would he say to the client? What do you need to do to stay on track with this audit and keep the team together?

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