TATA Chemicals Brand Consolidation: Power of One?

Case Solution

Sujit M. Patil, Kapil Tuli, Kevin Sproule
Singapore Management University ()

In July 2010, Sujit Patil, director of corporate communications for Mumbai-based Tata Chemicals Limited (TCL), needs to develop a corporate brand strategy after a series of acquisitions. TCL has acquired several of the leading manufacturers in the soft drink business, making it a leading player in the global industrial and commercial markets for this product. The acquisitions include the large British manufacturer Bruner Mond; the US market leader General Chemicals Industrial Products; and Kenya-based Magadi Soda, all of which have well-known brands and established clients. TCL’s top management wants these startups to be united under a single global brand. But this task has proven difficult given long-standing brands and century-old companies. Kenya’s Magadi Soda even has a city named after him! Patil has to think about his next steps, whether it’s to keep the long-standing and well-selling brands or scrap them all for a new global brand that represents what is now the world’s second-largest soft drink maker.

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