Sy Friedland and JF&CS

Case Solution

Les Charm, Ed Marram, Jesseca Timmons
Babson College ()

Radically innovative thinker Sy Friedland was a decade or more ahead of the trends when he assumed command of the venerable Jewish Children & Family Service in Boston in the late 1990s. As a professional clinical social worker, Friedland was also a visionary who knew that the future of building sustainable social services and non-profit organizations lay in the willingness of non-profit organizations to adopt “for profit” concepts, attitudes and best practices. Friedland’s complete transformation of JF&CS allowed the agency to prosper and become self-sufficient. When Friedland decided to resign after 17 years, he knew the agency could undergo the transition and took extensive steps not to cripple and minimize the disruption of his agency’s fundraising capacity, and even hired a high-level recruitment firm. to reduce risk and help with induction. his handpicked successor. However, because he focused solely on minimizing interference, Friedland made some critical mistakes. His handling of his transition eventually sparked an uproar on the board that led to changes in governance and policy that proved even visionaries can make mistakes.

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