Sussing Out Sustainability: The Case of Singapore’s Property Developers

Case Solution

Soo Chiat Hwang, George Hylden
Singapore Management University ()

The case, set in June 2013, concerns the decision of a Singapore-based small to medium-sized real estate developer to launch a sustainability initiative and participate in sustainability reporting as an innovative practice to improve long-term profitability. term of the company through operational improvements. efficiency. The question arose in the context of the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent recession, which coincided with the introduction of sustainability by major developers in Singapore and which demonstrated the vulnerability of property developers to macroeconomic shocks. The company’s senior management hired Annie Tan, the company’s chief operating officer, to conduct an initial critical assessment of sustainability initiatives and competitors’ sustainability reports, before making recommendations on the adoption and design of a sustainability initiative and sustainability reports for private property specialized in small custom real estate developments.

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