Sunshine Fresh: Choosing a Business Location

Case Solution

Larry Plummer, Simon Parker
Ivey Publishing ()

In July 2014, the president and co-owner of Sunshine Fresh Inc. (Sunshine), a food company in Totowa, NJ, had to make a decision on the best location for the company’s new west coast expansion. Sunshine had built a reputation for quality chilled kosher pickles on the East Coast of the United States. Sunshine’s most valuable customers include several casinos in Atlantic City, NJ, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Recently, a grocer at one of these casinos casually mentioned to Sunshine’s vice president that his Las Vegas casino customers would also like Sunshine pickles. That brief exchange resulted in an expansion plan that required Sunshine to select a location to operate on the West Coast. Company executives had visited several cities in the western United States to explore their options and carefully weighed the pros and cons of its two main competitors, Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, Nevada, based on five key criteria. The next step was to make a firm decision: which metropolitan area is the best location for the new Sunshine cucumber plant?

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