Sunitha Nath Boutiques: Intellectual Property Rights (B)

Case Solution

Nithyananda KV
Ivey Publishing ()

This is case B in a series of three cases. In December 2015, the manager and general manager of Sunitha Nath Boutiques in Bengaluru discovered that her most trusted employee had abandoned and cheated on her. She had hired the employee as an intern and guided him as she grew within the company until she finally promoted him to studio manager with full power to run the business in her absence. But the employee had left her job without prior notice; stolen confidential business information, designs and documents; and he founded his own competing design company in Bengaluru. One of Sunitha Nath Boutiques’ major projects had been emailed to completion some time ago, and it was rumored that her partner was still working on the project under her new design company. In this case, the CEO and her attorney reviewed the employment contract and determined what, if anything, could be done to prevent the employee from using Sunitha Nath Boutique’s knowledge, designs, clients and employees in a business. new competing company. See case A and case C.

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