Strategy Execution Module 2: Building a Successful Strategy

Case Solution

Robert L. Simons
Harvard Business School ()

Reading this module describes the basics of building a successful strategy. Topics in this module include a discussion on the distinction between corporate and business strategy; how to do a SWOT analysis of market dynamics and internal capabilities; use the five forces analysis to understand customers, suppliers, products and competitors; how to use this analysis to identify unique opportunities to create value for customers; and an overview of the four Ps of strategy implementation (strategy as perspective, position, plans, and pattern of action). The concepts presented in this module form the basis for effective strategy implementation. While this module is designed for your exclusive use, it is part of the Strategy Execution series. Together, the series forms a comprehensive course that teaches the latest techniques for using power measurement and control systems to implement strategies. Modules 1 to 4 lay the foundation for the implementation of the strategy. Modules 5 to 10 convey quantitative tools for measuring and monitoring performance. Modules 11 through 15 demonstrate how managers can use these techniques to achieve profit goals and strategies. See the complete Strategy Execution Series at:

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