Standard Chartered Bank Singapore: Embracing the Silver Lining

Case Solution

Thompson SH Teo, Sok Chin Lim, Jun Xian Lau, Amanda Yun Shan Chua
Ivey Publishing ()

Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (Standard Chartered) was part of an international banking group focused on wealth creation in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. As part of its commitment to corporate social responsibility, Standard Chartered launched a project called Silver Lining in 2012, a collaborative venture that aimed to help Singaporean seniors meet their financial and health needs. Since its inception, Silver Lining had overcome a number of challenges, selected suitable partners, and found ways to help young volunteers overcome language barriers when working with older clients. It had also partnered with other organizations to work together to provide support and services to older people in the community, some of whom had mental health problems. In early 2017, Standard Chartered had to make some key strategic decisions to ensure the continued relevance of Silver Lining and to justify the need for more funding for the project.

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