Stakeholder Management and the Endangered Wildlife Trust

Case Solution

Gavin Price
Ivey Publishing ()

The Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) has existed for 35 years and until recently has grown organically taking on new projects. Although this had the advantage that the EWT remained relevant, the EWT lost its focus as a result. In 2008, a new strategy was developed against the effects of the financial credit crisis and the resulting economic recession. The recession had affected the amount of funding the EWT received and as such it was struggling to continue with all its initiatives and projects. Fortunately, pressure on companies to invest in social responsibility initiatives continued to mount. The EWT president considered changing EWT’s fundraising strategy to a more liberal policy of accepting corporate donations in light of the economic downturn caused by the international credit crisis. By the end of the case discussion, students should have a better understanding of the importance of conducting comprehensive stakeholder analysis, the process of conducting stakeholder analysis, the value of understanding multi-stakeholder dynamics, and the use of tools to make business decisions that have an ethical element.

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