Sirona Hygiene Private Limited: Branding in an Intimate Hygiene Space

Case Solution

Rituparna Basu, Neena Sondhi
Ivey Publishing ()

Sirona Hygiene Private Limited (Sirona Hygiene) started operations in 2015 with the introduction of the PeeBuddya portable urination device for women. The first four years were extremely successful for Sirona Hygiene as the company was able to bring five unique products and 15 differentiated products to market through its three brands PeeBuddy, Sirona and BodyGuard. Each brand had its own unique value proposition and operated in a different product area. The founder of the company was seeking additional funding to fulfill his mission to triple the growth of the company by 2022. In terms of the investor mindset, most investors were traditional and tried to invest in individual brands. As such, the company’s founder was considering consolidating all of the brands under the corporate brandSirona Hygiene. Brand articulation, strategy formulation, and fundraising were all interlinked, and to steer the firm to its next journey, a sequential path was imperative. The question was clear, but there were no straight answers.

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