Singapore Airlines (A): The India Decision (Abridged)

Case Solution

Daina Mazutis, John Weeks, Ivy Buche
IMD ()

The case highlights the key features of the domestic Indian aviation industry in terms of its growth potential and contrasts this with the operational challenges. The exhibits hold significant information which students can analyse to get a deeper understanding. First, a discussion about the attractiveness (or not) of the Indian aviation market can be carried out. This will help to position Singapore Airlines as a new entrant and discuss its competitive advantages visavis local players. Some students might focus on the parallel entry of Air Asia, a leader in the lowcost aviation arena, with the same potential local partner the Tata Group. This will allow a richer discussion and decision on the question posed in the case, to enter the highly competitive Indian aviation market or not? This abbreviated case is designed for use in MBA or executive classes where advanced reading is not possible. It can also be used as a stand-alone case to examine Porter’s 5 Forces and STEEP frameworks in the context of the Indian aviation industry without going into detail about Singapore Airline’s strategy. As a briefcase, it can be read in about 10 minutes in class.

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