Shop Thursdays: Post COVID-19 Strategy

Case Solution

Ian Dunn, Holli Greenwald
Ivey Publishing ()

In mid-2020, the co-founder of Toronto’s stationary online womenswear boutique Shop Thursday reflected on how best to position her business for growth once the global COVID19 pandemic is resolved. The boutique, which had two fixed locations in addition to its online presence, provided its customers with the latest and most fashionable styles. When the COVID19 pandemic forced all non-essential stores to close their doors, the co-founder began selling all products through the store’s online platform. The success achieved during this time led her to wonder how she can further strengthen this business segment. The co-founder had been involved in influencer marketing in the past and was aware of its potential to increase online sales. However, in order to dedicate her time and resources to influencer marketing, she would have to close the second store location. Given the uncertainty surrounding consumer purchasing behavior after the COVID19 fix, what strategy would be beneficial?

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