Shisong Cardiac Center: Kumbo, Cameroon

Case Solution

Kevin A Schulman, Nelly-Ange Konthcou
Harvard Business School ()

The Shisong Heart Center in Kumbo, Cameroon, is a regional heart center in Central Africa. As the continent shifts from communicable to noncommunicable diseases, there is a critical shortage of the surgical care needed to treat these diseases. This case describes an innovative solution to the shortage of skilled workers, an international collaboration between a hospital in Milan and a hospital in Cameroon. The case sheds light on the facility’s construction and staffing challenges, and then looks at the ongoing financial and operational challenges of running a heart center in Africa. Is this model durable? Can Cameroon develop its own skills to provide advanced cardiac services at the national level? These are critical questions to consider. Despite these challenges, the Co-Founder, Sr. Alphonsa, find hope in her favorite African saying: “Your heart can take you where your feet cannot.”

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