Shakey’s Initial Public Offering: The Dilemma of Investing

Case Solution

Maria Theresa Manalac, Stefanie Mae Margaret Jakosalem, Sandeep Puri
Ivey Publishing ()

In early December 2016, a student member of the Philippine Fund of the Finance Lab at the Asian Institute of Management considered investing in the initial public offering (IPO) of Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures Inc. (Shakey’s). Shakey’s was the market leader in the full service restaurant chain in the Philippines and would be the fourth company to be listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange. The IPO lasted from December 2-8, 2016 and the company offered a total of 306 million shares. The student member must decide whether to buy Shakey shares based on their assessment of Shakey’s intrinsic value relative to market price, Shakey’s strategy and past performance, and the attractiveness of the hospitality and restaurant industry. .

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