Semir’s E-Commerce: Success and Exploration

Case Solution

Juan Shan, William Wei, Xiaojia Sunny Wang
Ivey Publishing ()

Zhejiang Semir ECommerce Co. Ltd., the online subsidiary of Chinese casual wear company Zhejiang Semir Group Co. Ltd. (Semir), has grown continuously since its founding in 2012 and is a major contributor to Semir’s success in terms of annual sales through 2016. Semir entered the online market relatively late after many competing Chinese clothing manufacturers were already online. . Still, it became the industry leader in terms of ecommerce sales. It differed from other large apparel companies primarily in implementing Kazuo Inamori’s management philosophy, specifically in his amoeba management method and his belief in altruism and a win-win approach to business. Semir worked to build supply chain relationships that were true partnerships and promoted the various brands in his multi-brand strategy through celebrity and online marketing. Like its main competitors, Semir studied online-to-offline (O2O) models in the garment industry. In 2016, the company faced a rapidly changing online environment and increasing competition in the industry. It took a strategy to maintain its initial success in e-commerce. It also had to be determined which O2O model should be introduced and how competition from fast fashion retailers should be dealt with in the online market.

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