Risk Control Strategies: Human Resource Challenges

Case Solution

Nida Mahmud, Shafiq-Ur Rehman, Usama Habib, Zunaira Saqib
Ivey Publishing ()

At the end of 2005, Risk Control Strategies, a security company for training dogs, was founded in Islamabad, Pakistan. To make the company unique when it comes to safety, the company founder designed an induction process based on employee recommendations, followed by a comprehensive two-month training course that included theory and practical dog handling. . Extensive education increased the market value of employees, and they often moved to higher salaries at other companies without considering the additional rewards offered by risk management strategies, such as medical benefits, free housing, and basic health coverage, and education for their families. The hiring process also contributed to sales; Many of the friends and family who received referrals from current staff came from villages and often returned to help their families with the harvest. The founder had to deal with the problem of employee retention before considering future expansion of the company.

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