Right Clients, Right Way: Successes and Challenges of Brand Consultant Tommy Li

Case Solution

Kevin Au, Bernard Suen, Na Shen, Justine Tang
Ivey Publishing ()

Tommy Li was a designer and brand consultant known for his dark humor and bold visual impact. With operations in Hong Kong, China, Macau, Japan and Italy, he was one of the few Hong Kong designers to enter the international market. In his ten years of experience as a design professional, Li has learned that “Having the right client is the key to successful design consulting.” For this reason, Li founded his own company to have complete freedom in choosing his own clients, and his philosophy of “Select Clients Strategically” brought him great success. As a result, he became a famous designer and branding consultant in Hong Kong with well-known clients from home and abroad. As international companies many times the size of Li’s company entered China, Li saw increasing competitive pressure. Was Li’s fame an adequate defense against companies comprised of multi-disciplinary teams equipped with innovation-driven design thinking and processes? Was climbing a key factor in staying competitive? Was proximity to the market an important advantage?

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