Rick Drumm (C)

Case Solution

J. B.M. Kassarjian
Babson College ()

Rick Drumm (his real name), once the winner of a teen drum competition, is about to face the most promising but difficult career change of his career as a manager and executive. A sophomore in a Fasttrack program and president of Vic Firth Inc, a $ 20 million drumstick maker, is being recruited as president of J. D’Addario & Co., the largest manufacturer of musical accessories in the US. After surviving a series of interviews from the scout, various board members and the president of D’Addario, you are told that the final step in your selection process is to be interviewed by Jack Welch, the legendary CEO of General Electric. Rick has to decide how to prepare for this interview, how to tackle this final test of his qualifications to take command of a much larger and more complex organization. Case (C) centers on Jim D’Addario (a descendant of the D’Addario clan and president and CEO of the company) and his views on the growing need for executives at this historically venerable music accessories company. The case shows the history of this company through various transitions in business focus and leadership, and how Jim asked Welch to interview his “best candidate.” The case also describes Jim’s views on what the company needed at the time and his views on Rick Drumm’s key qualities. The case ends with Rick describing his first steps in diagnosing D’Addario’s most pressing problems and the steps he has taken to control the situation.

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