Rewiring the Enterprise for Digital Innovation : The Case of DBS Bank

Case Solution

Siew-Kien Sia, Christina Soh, Peter Weill, Yvonne Chong
ABCC at Nanyang Tech University ()

This case documented DBS Bank’s digital transformation in pursuit of regional growth amid a new digital era in the Asian banking industry. Under the leadership of its CEO, DBS invested heavily in technology and made radical changes to reconfigure the entire company for digital innovation. The main axes of its digital transformation strategy included the redesign of its technology and operational organization, the development of scalable digital platforms, the use of technology to redesign the customer experience, as well as internal incubation and external partnerships in the search for new digital innovations. However, questions remain as to whether DBS has done enough to put digital at the center of banking. What should be the next steps in your digital strategy? Where should the bank direct its technology investment funds? How can DBS systematically assess the opportunities and risks of digital disruption in banking and develop a range of possible strategic responses? How can DBS stay at the forefront of digital innovation to become the Asian bank of choice for the new Asia?

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