Revenue Recognition for a Services Contract

Case Solution

Pratibha Wasan, David J. Sharp
Ivey Publishing ()

On November 25, 2012, the Head of Revenue Recognition of ESol Limited (ESol) India was preparing to meet with the company’s sales team at its headquarters in Bangalore. ESol Limited was a large US-based multinational information technology company that moved to India in 2000. Since then, management has insisted on the need to closely monitor accounting practices in strict adherence to the principles generally accepted accountants. Although the sales team negotiated the request for a quote in good faith with MoveForward, a large Indian research company that processes and processes large amounts of sensitive data, the revenue recognition team believed that the penalties, fines and termination clauses they put their business at risk and wanted everyone. to postpone the proposed revenue from the contract until these issues are resolved. The tension between the two teams jeopardizes the entire deal.

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