reMarkable: e-Writing the Future

Case Solution

Elie Ofek, Curtis Hsu
Harvard Business School ()

Magnus Wanberg is the creator of reMarkable, an innovative electronic writing device that differentiates itself from similar products on the market by solving the frustrating “slow ink” problem typically found with pen-based electronic devices, and so on. , like the “pencil and paper”. experience. In addition, the device allowed to read typical documents comfortably and without fatigue. Although it was enthusiastically received by several investors, there was still a long way to go before the prototype could achieve a commercial end product. Wanberg and his team narrowed the relevant market down to three main segments: creative, professional, and student. However, these segments seem to disagree on which product attributes would be most attractive. Therefore, the startup had to decide which audience to target, as that would determine future product development efforts. As the planned introduction date quickly approached, the selected target market also influenced communication, channels, and pricing decisions. reMarkable had to solve these problems while juggling limited time, effort, and funds.

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