Rebranding Godiva: The Yildiz Strategy

Case Solution

Rohit Deshpande, Esel Cekin
Harvard Business School ()

This case concerns the acquisition of Godiva Chocolatier by Yildiz Holding from its former owner Campbell Soup and its strategy to preserve Godiva’s “made in Belgium” brand position. The provenance paradox, a problem faced by emerging market companies trying to establish their brands in developed markets, had not become a problem for Yildiz Holding. After patiently waiting five years and discovering that the company is not performing as expected, Murat Ülker, CEO of Yildiz, decides to change the management structure and encourage a rethinking of brand positioning, channels and communication in the US market. How has the Godiva brand been affected by the execution problems of the previous administration? Why did Godiva succeed in international markets while declining in the US? How did the change in marketing strategy affect Godiva’s brand image?

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