Quants in Utopia? Quantopian and Its Crowd Wisdom Hedge Fund Model

Case Solution

Yanfeng Zheng
University of Hong Kong ()

The case describes how Quantopian, a Python-based trading algorithm development and backtesting platform, uses its community of quantitative traders (“Quants”) to develop a novel crowdsourcing hedge fund model. The case provides an overview of the existing hedge fund industry and illustrates some potential issues that startups should address. The case also presents crowdsourcing as a novel business model and its applications in the emerging field of financial technology (“Fintech”). The instructor can relate the case to the basic design of organizations based on contractual agreements and how exactly a crowdsourcing model challenges the conventional wisdom about organizing business activities. The speaker can also initiate a discussion on alternative growth models or strategies for fintech startups like Quantopian and practical solutions to challenges.

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