Quantine: Virtualising the Interview Process

Case Solution

Desai Narasimhalu, Adina Wong
Singapore Management University ()

The case is scheduled for January 2012 and begins with Kenneth Yap, the founder of Quantine Pte Ltd, developing a strategy for an effective growth plan for his company. Quantine is a pre-screening service provider that specializes in asynchronous video interviews. In the three years since the company was founded, market forces and internal factors have made it necessary to change the original strategy of the company. The company originally started in 2009 as a skills assessment service to test technical skills in the information technology industry. However, due to fierce competition in the market, the platform’s likely demise due to its technology, and a lack of funds, Quantine was forced to reevaluate its business proposition. Now he is focusing on another business idea, a new method of shortlisting candidates: video on demand. The so-called Next5 platform was created as an ecosystem for recruitment agencies, companies and potential employees. From 2009 to the end of 2011, Quantine went through four rounds of funding. With the latest grant of $ 392,000, Yap wonders how best to use that money to market his company’s screening services and implement an effective growth plan for the company.

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