Qadri Group: Family Constitution Writing Process

Case Solution

Muhammad Shakeel Sadiq Jajja, Syed Zahoor Hassan
Lahore University of Management Sciences ()

This case describes the process that the Qadri Group (QG) is following in 2014 to develop a family constitution. The FCC then hired a consultant in August 2012 to prepare a preliminary draft. The attempt to draft the constitution with an advisor was unsuccessful. The FCC concluded that a consultant alone could not write QG’s bylaws. In early 2013, the committee members decided that the first draft should be written by Rizwan Qadri, a member of the FCC. However, as of August 2014, this design had yet to be developed. Although no progress was made in documenting the family constitution, the family council continued to seek consensus on important issues such as the inclusion of women in corporate governance, the terms and conditions of employment of family members, and the inclusion of in-laws. and relatives in the family business. In August 2014, Asim Qadri, convenor of the FCC, had to decide how the first draft would be prepared before the end of the year. The options Asim considered were to hire another advisor, ask Rizwan to write the first draft, or use a combination of the two approaches.

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