Preferred Networks: A Deep Learning Startup Powers the Internet of Things

Case Solution

Pavel Kireyev, Theodoros Theos Evgeniou, Nancy J. Brandwein

Preferred Networks, Inc. (PFN), a deep learning technology startup, an offshoot of artificial intelligence (AI) research, made a name for itself early on by aligning itself with Japan’s manufacturing power and introducing deep learning. in the Internet of Things (IoT). ) differentiated. The case follows the development of the startup at a highly valued company with more than 200 employees and global partners from various industries. Provides an overview of the business landscape for artificial intelligence and an explanation of deep learning. The PFN story shows how technology-intensive research companies drive innovation, attract business partners and employees, manage their growth, and decide which business model best suits their needs. The case is designed for use in courses on artificial intelligence, technology and operational management, marketing of complex products and technologies, entrepreneurship, and strategic partnerships for startups with a strong research focus.

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