PraDigi Open Learning: Transforming Rural India

Case Solution

John J-H Kim, Malini Sen
Harvard Business School ()

Pratham is a non-governmental organization focused on high-quality, affordable and reproducible interventions to fill the gaps in the Indian education system. Co-founder Madhav Chavan is interested in using technology for education, but differs in how it is used in schools in India. He believes that technology allows flexibility and non-linearity in the exploration of knowledge, while school teaching is based on a rigid and linear path of learning from textbook lessons to exams. With this in mind, Chavan is developing a digital initiative, PraDigi Open Learning, to improve the basic reading and numeracy skills of children in rural India. In some villages, electronic tablets with pre-installed content are distributed to encourage children’s participation in learning. Self-directed learning in peer groups is encouraged. Tablets arouse the curiosity of children. If children are unable to attend classes after COVID 19 due to the lockdown, Chavan wonders how PraDigi Open Learning can be scaled up and adapted to school education to ensure uninterrupted learning.

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