Pfizer: Environmental and Business Benefits of Green Chemistry

Case Solution

Vesela Veleva, Madhura Sarkar
Ivey Publishing ()

This case focuses on Pfizer, the world’s largest pharmaceutical research company with sales of more than $ 51 billion and operations in 175 countries in 2013. It introduces students and discusses the business and environmental implications of the green chemistry strategy. . While Pfizer measured the benefits of green chemistry, bringing it to light was challenging. Additionally, generic drug manufacturers have largely embraced green chemistry. As the first leader of Pfizer’s Green Chemistry team, the first of its kind in the industry, how do you prepare to meet with your team’s leadership team to discuss progress and new initiatives? You need to understand the complex market, for example by identifying key drivers for other pharmaceutical companies, including generics for green chemistry adoption. How should Pfizer communicate to the public the impact of its sustainability efforts, including “greener” drugs?

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