Pearson’s Successmaker: Putting the Customer First in Transforming Product Development Processes

Case Solution

T.S. Raghu, Collin Sellman
Ivey Publishing ()

Pearson Plc is a global education company based in London, UK. The top six business units are North American Education, International Education, Professional, Financial Times, Interactive Data, and Penguin Publishing. The Vice President of Product Management for the Digital Learning Division of the North American Education Unit, based in Chandler, Arizona, begins to transform product development processes to better meet the needs of his education customers, especially as they move from using the outsourced cascading software development model. for an agile ground model. When the vice president joined Pearson a year earlier, the digital learning division had devoted significant resources to developing a major update for one of its educational software products. The first version of this new product was challenged by the discrepancy between what the software development group was delivering and what the vice president’s customers wanted. You are faced with the decision to continue to focus on the specific methodology you had implemented (Scrum) or to switch to a new one (Kanban). Additionally, you should consider broadening your focus to advance agile methodologies both with other groups in your business unit and outside of it. These decisions must be made at a potentially critical time for your products as your business faces the growing challenges associated with the transition to agile technology.

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