Peak Games: Hiring Priorities in Times of Rapid Growth (A)

Case Solution

William R. Kerr, Gamze Yucaoglu
Harvard Business School ()

Sidar ≈ûahin, founder and CEO of Peak Games, a global mobile games company based in Turkey, has to decide the final slate of candidates for the critical position of global marketing director, which the company has been trying to fill for more. one year. . Since its founding in 2010, Peak Games has grown to become the third largest online gaming company in Europe and its mobile games have made a name for themselves internationally. ≈ûahin’s team has grown to 100 people, almost all of whom live in the same office in Istanbul, Turkey. As Peak games reached an audience of more than 350 million users around the world, the needs and recruitment criteria also changed. ≈ûahin needed more talents with international experience in the company. However, this was not an easy experience in Turkey, and ≈ûahin appreciated that the team members shared the office to integrate into the corporate culture. During the year, the company’s human resources manager used various search channels and interviewed several candidates. After ≈ûahin received a shortlist of candidates in April 2017, none of whom seemed the “perfect fit” at first glance, the decision for the position is imminent.

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