Paytm Mobile Payments: Will It Emerge as a Dominant Design in India?

Case Solution

Anshuman Tripathy, Nitish Kumar, Medha Sravani Boddeda
Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore ()

The case looks at the fast-growing mobile payments industry in India. The growth of the industry has been driven by several factors, such as increased smartphone and internet penetration, the burgeoning startup ecosystem, increasing pressure from governments on economic digitization, and the proactive involvement of regulators to provide a enabling and stabilizing environment. The case shows the account of Paytm, an established industry leader that has seen a phenomenal rise to the top and has sidelined competition from various national players. However, growing competition from deep-rooted tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc. has challenged your leadership position. The case underscores Paytm’s strategic drive to face increasing competition in the industry, which includes Paytm’s moves to establish itself as the dominant design. The case also points to other Paytm strategies to maintain its market leadership.

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